Why should you travel?


I hope you are still with us after this long lecture about our journeys. So let’s see why should you travel

first let’s see the structure of this course. Its goal is to think about the answers to the question why should you travel. We start with some quotes about traveling. Then we go on and tell you our personal reasons and we’ll finish by a quiz which will help you to understand your own reasons and ways to travel.

Here are some quotes about travel. The first was written by a spider on Monday. I travel because it gives me life lessons richness knowledge and freedom. I totally agree with him James Russell said that a wise person traveled to know him or herself.

And it’s true that by discovering other cultures traditions mentalities we begin to think to question ourselves and find out answers. The last quote is from Saint-Exupery the famous French teacher and writer who said that in order to travel happily travel with a light luggage. We haven’t understood these words for a long time.

But today they are part of our living philosophy. We are spending our lives accumulate things which then prevent us from going out Oh I have almost forgotten about the quote on the beautiful photo on your screen to stay is to exist but to travel is to live.

Gustaf Nadeau said these wise words we have a lot of reasons to travel but I’m going to tell you the most important ones.

First of all traveling makes us happy. Just look at our pictures and you will not find one where we are sad or upset.

Then we travel to discover the others. This helps us to grow and think constantly by traveling. You can give yourself the chance to change a lot of people think that it isn’t useful. But change is a real benefit and it is difficult to make it.

If we stay at the same place. Another reason that pushes us to travel is that a trip even a short one charges our batteries and allows us to face the day to day routine with serenity and good humor. We love old stones old monuments and places which allow us to cross the paths of history and facts.

We adore being surprised by the natural wonders of our planet and finally the last but not the least is about tasting flavors because Christina is an and courageous old gourmet.

Of course there are still a lot of other reasons but I shall not take the risk to make you an endless lecture and I don’t want to bore you here.

It’s definitely not my goal but let’s see now which how your reasons because you are following this cause with the goal aren’t you.

I cannot know your reasons but I guess one you have the wish to travel. How do I know. Well if you haven’t this wish you wouldn’t be watching this course.

So we will try to help you find out your reasons with a quiz to fill out. After this lecture and you will find the resources some other links with quotes about this subject.

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