Traveling changes your life


We will begin this course by introducing ourselves we are Cristina and Olivia and we have been traveling for more than 23 years worldwide.

We have already visited 45 countries on six continents and we are still going on every year. I would like to show you that traveling can really change your life. It changes hours every time we leave our home to travel.

And I’m sure that it will change yours. Here are the steps to follow before changing your life by traveling.

First and foremost give yourself the right to dream have a strong wish to travel. Be curious to meet the others. Give yourself the goal to travel at least once a year. Believe firmly that you are able to travel without ruining yourself well.

Hey go. We all have the right to dream however you have to know that this right. Nobody is going to give it to you.

You are the only one who can allow yourself to dream. You think you cannot. Well if you think like that it means that you punish yourself and you are not going to travel too often and miss a lot of discoveries beauties and meeting great people along the way.

You should know that you can travel. No matter your age we have begun to travel very young women not even 18 years old. So if you have kids you should encourage and help them to travel in order to open their minds.

Let’s come back to our dreams. Do you think that traveling it’s too expensive don’t let such thoughts crush your dreams. We began to travel when we were students 20 years old and working hard to pay our studies and yet we have been traveling all around Europe with few money in our pockets.

But also with few Britons we visited Romania France Belgium Holland Luxembourg and part of Germany of Switzerland and Italy.

So it is important to choose your destinations carefully according to your budget. Please do not think that far away destinations are not for you.

If you cannot afford them right now be sure that you will one day or another no matter the constraints you think you have a job consuming all your time.

Studies too hard to follow a large family are two young kids you can find solutions for each of your problems or constraints.

If you really want it if you have paid leaves it is possible to travel far away. Even with kids. Here are some of our travel photos with our kid at different ages.

Everything is just a question of planning and also making the right choice. The second stage to Transform Your Life by traveling I think you have already done it because if you did not wish to travel you wouldn’t be here watching our course in this very moment.

Don’t you think so. You have to be eager to travel listen to your heart and to that inner voice inside wishing you to discover other places other people other cultures. We have it all inside of us this deep wish to explore.

We have all inside of us this deep wish to explore. I would even say that it is in our genes. It is part of our humanity. This wish must be turned into reality because otherwise it will be transformed into suffering and frustration.

So let us hear our inner voice which asks us to travel because travel is one of the keys to happiness. The third step consists in giving yourself a goal travel at least once a year. If you don’t make this promise to yourself you are going to find a lot of excuses in order to avoid Bigod.

So don’t do this to you because you are going to punish yourself. So do as the Dalai Lama says once a year going someplace you’ve never been before. And here we are at the last step of this first lecture.

Believe that you can travel without running yourself with being rich and having no big salaries. I hope I will convince you by showing examples of our journeys for the last twenty three years and we have no depth no loans and we are not rich and have no big salaries but we do believe that travel is a major part of our lives.

Travelling allows us to resource ourselves to charge our batteries with positive and creative energy to make it short. I would say that if you want to try.

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