Tips to be a happy traveler and make your dreams come true


I have to admit that it is a long title for a lecture. I could simply call it tips but I just felt the need to explain the goal of my advice and be specific about it.

So here are tips in order to be happy traveler and make your dreams come true. In this lecture you will find some good advice about how to travel to the live free. Prepare your trips in advance.

A long time before actually leaving home search compare and calculate. Make choices depending on the context of the moment.

My first advice for you is to travel alone. Free with no travel agency you’ll be able to take full advantage of your experience. If you want to visit some sensitive countries let’s say rather closed to tourists then indeed it is better to take a package to which took such tours for some closed countries at that time.

But they are not any more Myanmar. Vietnam and Cambodia. You should know that organizing a travel by yourself will cost less than a package tour and you can follow the itinerary you wish

how to plan your trip. You could search on the web or if you have no time then go and see our guys on our website.

Olivia Verbier dot com. Maybe you will find one that anation you are interested in. Our guides will give you the opportunity to make choices depending on photos activities or places you would like to do or see.

This will greatly ease your watching a raree planning. If you want to travel more then you have to calculate and take to count some different destinations. Compare and be ready to choose according to your budget but also to the time available.

And of course according to the context of the moment some countries are expensive and at a specific period football World Cup Olympic games etc..

Be flexible. For example you would like to visit the USA but Asia is also on your wish list.

You have two weeks and some financial constraints calculate the cost of the flight tickets and the accommodation for the USA but also for two or three countries from Asia then to the destination that meets your actual budget.

Don’t worry you’ll be able to travel to the other destinations one day. Just believe it and keep a strong wish inside and you’ll have the surprise that one day you hope will come too.

If you have some difficulties to conceptualize how to do it. Be patient because we are going to explore this notion better in the next Lechter.

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