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In this lecture we are going to talk about our experience as travelers. Our goal is not to brag or impress you with numbers and photos but essentially to prove you that it is possible to do it.

And if you think as a lot of people we met told us that we have a lot of luck. Let me tell you that luck has nothing to do here. First of all here are some key facts which will help you to better know us and be able to evaluate our experience in this field.

You’ll be able to make your own opinion. First fact I have visited 45 countries till today. Some of them once some other twice or even more.

Second fact we have been traveling since we were young before we even met each other. Christina has already visited her country Romania and also did some chart Joni’s in Bulgaria and Hungary after the fall of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe.

Easy to understand that being behind the wall all the people there wanted to travel abroad. I had already visited 10 countries before I met Cristina when we were 17 years old. As you can easily imagine being young and students without any financial support but working to pay our studies have been yet able to travel with very tight budgets.

During our four years of study we visited about 10 countries according to our very fluctuating income during our life.

We have been always choosing our destinations selecting first the costs but also by grabbing opportunities for some countries which also package tours.

But it wasn’t really a choice the way we traveled. In some countries like Myanmar Cambodia or Vietnam not open to the tourism at that time travelling there by ourselves was almost impossible almost too complicated today.

These countries are open and you can travel by yourself without a travel agency. I have tested several kinds of travel alone or in carpool with or without kids with friends. Let’s begin by telling you the countries we have already visited. I’ll present them in chronological order to allow you to have an idea about the course of time and also some key data about the conditions of each journey.

I have visited a lot of times our own countries France and Romania. We travelled by car by train as backpackers when we were young and had not much money.

Later we travelled also with our son by car but even Yong and Mondelez we have satisfied a lot of our wishes.

Sea and mountains amusement parks but also fishing in the Danube Delta and also visiting the wonderful castles of the Loire Valley.

Has you seen the photos. Still young still students who have made short travels in Switzerland and Germany but also in Spain. On the road most of the time sleeping in our car or in Campings or small eans taking into account our small budgets.

At that time our journeys lasted less than a week. I don’t want to keep you looking for hours and hours so I passed quite quickly on the details of our journeys.

But if you want to know more about our travels do not hesitate to go on Amazon on our website. OLIVIA of Arabia dot com and find our guides for the moment we have just Martinique and South Africa and English but others are coming soon.

We have e guys in French of course but also in Spanish. You would find the links in the resources then we have visited Ireland.

This is such a beautiful country that we decided to return so many years later with our son Mark. We have made some long travels in Italy and Austria.

We also have discovered the United Kingdom and made our fast far away travel in Guadalupe a wonderful Caribbean island a great ride in Greece.

The continents are part of this country among Groomes and history have continued our exploration with Turkey and also some beautiful Greek islands as Santorini Mykonos Summers Patmos rhodos and Corfu our first visit in Asia was the most impressive one and with a special place in our hearts my Anmar has shot traveling that sessional Republic allowed us to discover its marvelous capital Prag as we fell in love with Asia we have then visited Cambodia combined with a short trip in silent and Vietnam with Kristin 9 her six month pregnancy.

We traveled not so far away in Portugal and Spain after giving birth to our son. We left three months later visiting the Dominican Republic.

Then followed through with the magnificent Machu Picchu and a short travel in Africa. In Tunisia we have lived there for seven months in Iran.

Then we have chosen other destinations such as Senegal in Africa and a first trip to Mexico in Yucatan. I have made a ride across Europe by car with our kids from Romania to Hungary Croatia Slovenia and France.

Another wonderful country that we discovered was Sri Lanka. You have enough of your photos still about 10 countries left. First discovery of Martinique paradise.

Caribbean island. When we are leaving right now then a tariff we traveled to Egypt and the trade of the Pharaohs and a trip to Bulgaria.

Travel to China by plane and bus. Wonderful ride by car across Thailand and another one to Scotland and its beautiful castles a gorgeous family traveled to South Korea then another trip to Asia Malaysia.

We have also visited again some other countries Ireland Mexico Bulgaria Turkey before long journey across Poland.

Still in love with Asia we discovered Bali and the Philippines and between them a long family in South Africa we published and the guide with our travel in this beautiful country and it is now available in English.

We finished by the North American continent where we have made a few journeys the far west in the USA

but also New York Washington and Philadelphia then in Canada the province of Quebec and Ontario. Well I think its almost all for the moment.

I have to be specific and tell you that we are never won the lottery but Christina is rather a planner and well organized person. I’ll explain you how she can make it in the next lectures.

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